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I miss the nightly shows in the theater too. I was on Conquest last Sept, so not that recently, but we only had 2 1/2 shows in the main theater. The comedy shows have replaced the nightly main theater shows on the other nights. I say 2 1/2 shows, because they pushed one of the singing and dancing shows early, and the ship was rocking in the waves, so only the two singers sang the songs there were no dancers.

We were supposed to pick up entertainment in Jamaica, but we missed the port, so maybe there would have been more otherwise.

Iv also been on Triumph, Ecstasy and twice on Elation since then, and unfortunately yes it is a trend. They will have a game show in the theater with bingo instead of a big Magic show or whatever else they used to have.

I noticed more cutbacks to me, like they almost never had tomatoes on the salad bar during lunch this time. The last cruise they seemed to be short on watermelon. I usually love the ribs the first night but these I had last week were dried out and tough.

Some of the above is why Im anxious to try RCL coming up. I think maybe Iv just done so many Carnival cruises lately Im a little burnt out on Carnival and need a switch. .. to see if Im burnt out on cruising or just on Carnival.
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