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Always interesting to see. I remember a program about when they added a new diesel engine to Radiance of the Seas. The engine was so big, they needed to remove a part of the hull to squeeze it in.

Originally Posted by blueliner View Post
I remember the behind the scenes show about "Easy Cruise".

I get a kick out the scenes in the Drydock series when the workers are working underneath the ship have to wear hard hats......because you know if the 73,000 ton ship were to fall off the big wooden blocks in the drydock, the hard hats would certainly save them! :razz::razz::razz:
You know, they could use a couple of these helmets instead of all the wooden blocks...

I think they need their helmets 'cause there is a big risk you will be hit if someone working above you will drop their tool and you can hit your head in the hull or in the scaffolding etc.
It is also handy when it's raining and for protection against bird droppings...

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