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Default Made in USA - Duty Free?


Recently we were told that goods manufactured in the USA, even if they are purchased abroad, are exempt from customs duty. We knew that loose gems fell under this, but were surprised to be told that other goods made in the USA would fall under that category.

Specifically, we were told that Kabana jewlry as well as David Yurman jewelry fell under this category.

I did a little research and know that both are designed in the USA, and I think Kabana is definately made here. David Yurman is made in several places around the globe.

So, my question to all of you seasoned travelers is: has anyone else heard that, and if so, please share your comments. We were also told that US Customs has a list of these types of goods. I have tried to find such list, but have not been successful.

We realize that you need to declare everything, and we do. Thus far we have stayed within the exemption limits. But if in fact what I have asked is true, then there is some flexibilty with those limits depending on what may be on this so called list.

Any thoughts are as always greatly appreciated.

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