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Hi Jordan,

Let me give you a welcome as well. You found a great place to get questions answered. I was on the Pride last Summer, and although I did not have kids with me, I certainly did see them about in groups and ALWAYS did they look like they were having a good time. I can't honestly tell you the activities but I do remember seeing group basketball since that was more in the open. I want to say all the kids I saw would have been around your age group and it was obvious they were not from a single family, so I want to guess they met on the ship. I did take my teenage age kids on a cruise several years ago on a different ship and they took part in the activities with the teen group and they absolutely enjoyed it, so don't be concerned about joining in or being bored. By the way, my kids had concerns, too, but after the 1st day on the ship, I barely saw them. I had to set some rules for at least eating together so we could have some family time. Hopefully, someone will respond who has been on the Pride with teens your age so they can give you specifics on that ship. But no matter, go and enjoy.
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