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Barry has some good points, if possible go the day before or at least make sure your flights arrive very early and allow you lots of time for inroute delays. Same goes for your return, allow plenty of time, 2 hours or so, to complete securyt checks on airlines. As for the ships, there are q number of new policies in effect, most which you will not, nor should you notice. For security reasons these issues and checks are not made public, what would be the point if you told everyone? What you will notice is that they will now take your photo before you board and whenever you leave and enter the ship the photo will come up on a screen to match you to the boarding pass (aka Sail & Sign card). You will also notice that they will check your id more closely which is why a passport is so highly recommended. When we returned from a Southern Caribbean cruise last week EVERYONE was required to go through immigration, including US Citizens before the ship was cleared for disembarkation, which meant we had to get up at 6am to stand in a line to show our passports onboard the ship and be checked off a list. You will also notice the USCG escorting the ships, or at least watching them very closely when both entering and leaveing port and while in port. My personal opinion is that you are pretty safe onboard a ship.

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