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Default Prep school ??

Originally Posted by Queen of Oakville View Post
I actually didn't/don't care for Haley. I find she screams. I didn't like her rendition of Stevie Nicks at all. She mumbled through many of the words. I really don't like her stage presence either. I think she needs figure out who she is ..... she rolls around between "I want to be a rocker" and "I wanted to be a jazz/blues singer". She needs an image makeover and some singing lessons. Put her in a cocktail dress and give her something jazzy/bluesy to sing, and I get it. I don't buy her apple-pie cutesy looks and fancy dress, signing a rocksong. She's too "clean" for a rocker image. Her look to me screams private school preppy.

Lauren I thought was amazing. Unfortunately, I think she and Scotty will split the country vote.

Weirdly, Scotty McCreepy is growing on me. I didnt' know he was only 16. Maybe with some coaching on stage presentation, he will have a good career ahead of him.
Haley is the daughter of Patti Miller and Harry Reinhart .They personify rock .I doubt very much that she ever saw the inside of a prep school . I see her as a combination of Stevie Nicks ,Janis Ian ,JoAnne Phillips and Grace Slick .IMHO she may just surpass them.
Scotty can ONLY sing one genre of music ,Country .Laurin has a broader range but I see her as a Miranda Lambert and if so she will have a nice career .
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