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Originally Posted by eroller View Post
You can question my experience all you want, but it doesn't change the fact I experienced what I did. Some people just can't seem to accept when someone has a negative experience. It does happen you know. It's also quite common for two people on the same ship and cruise to have very different experiences. When you have a ship of 2000+ passengers experiences are going to vary, based on the persons interaction with various passengers and crew, and the person dining choices. Why some people have no problem accepting the glowing reviews, but when some constructive observations are pointed out they cry fowl is beyond me.

Personally I have sailed on something like 86 cruises on everything from Carnival to Silversea. As for NCL I've sailed on them since 1980 so I am very familiar with the line. I have enough experience to know when the crew is not up to par and service/food are mediocre. I don't have especially high expectations either. Having cruised so often I know what to expect and what a minimum standard should be. As I mentioned in the review nothing was horrible about this cruise, but nothing was particularly great either except the ports and spa. It certainly didn't leave me longing for another NCL cruise and for me there are cruise lines I feel offer a better overall value proposition. Again for me personally. I'm not speaking for others and if NCL is your line of choice then good for you.

I'll also add I just sailed on PEARL in November out of Miami and the experience was quite different, which is why I gave her a shot to Alaska.

this is identical to what you have posted on other threads to people today. I am not questiong your experience: I am simply saying our has been very different and so are the reviews on the Pearl. It sounds like you ran into a bad week. We all know that can happen. I was on another line a few years ago: there were about 20 of us: We, along with another couple had less than good service from our cabin stewards and rude encounters with the reception desk. No one else experienced the same thing. Unfortuately it left a bad taste in our mouths, but knowing others had not experienced what we did I chalked it up to our cabin steward having a bad week.

Foodwise, it is subjective: all the mass marketed lines have cut back, we do not think NCL food is at the top of scale, but we also realize what we are paying for our cruise and it isn't bad by anymeans. We have never had a bad meal in a specialty dining room on NCL or any ship for that matter., The closest might have been HAL. It was good, but probalby not enough better than the MDR to warrent the extra charge. That was simply our and another couples opinion. Others might diagree.

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