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Default Carnival Ship on TV tonight?

So I'm watching a TV show tonight called "Rules of Engagement". In the show tonight, one of the characters goes on a weekend cruise with what he thinks is "Red Hot Ladies", but turns out to be the "Red Hat Society", kinda funny. The plot aside, at one point in the show, they showed a distant shot of what was supposed to be the cruise ship he was supposed to be on. I stopped my DVR and took a close look, and I can swear the ship they used was the Carnival Liberty or the Carnival Freedom, but they brushed out or deleated anything that would identify it as a Carnival ship. There was no distinct Carnival funnel and the area on the side of the ship where the name would be was whited out. I initially thought the ship looked funny without a funnel of anykind and I was really trying to figure out whose ship it was, when it hit me, that is a Carnival Ship and they just brushed out the funnel and the ship name! I pulled out my photos of when I was on the Carnival Liberty in 2007 and I matched up the the front mast, the life boats, port holes and a bunch of other unique features about the ship, and my picture of the Carnival Liberty was a match in every way with the ship on the TV, except the ship on the TV was without the unique Carnival funnel or the name on the side of the ship!

Did anyone else see this? Do you think they didn't want to pay Carnival for the use of the ship's image as a Carnival ship? Can a tv show use the image of a ship if they remove the identifiers of whose ship it is?

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