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Default Why did they remove it?

We liked the Skywalker Lounge and will miss it. Around Cape Horn (Star Princess) It was freezing. The Skywalker Lounge gave us a tremendous view while keeping us warm. Through Dusky, Milford, and Thompson Sounds in New Zealand, everyone was scrambling on deck and jockeying for position,while in the Skywalker Lounge (Diamond Princess) we had the best and most comfortable view. On Grand Princess, since it was underutilized, it was a great and quiet place to get away from everything and yet still enjoy the view. On Royal Princess (a small ship), there was no Skywalker Lounge and seasoned Princess passengers complained about its absence.

The only complaint I ever had with the Skywalker Lounge was that (unless you knew the ship) it was hard to find. This may account for its underutilization.

Why did they remove it? Just to open up the aft pool area?
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