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Default Cruise Queen's Salsa Party Announcement !!

since we just completed a very intense thread about who we would want for our next POTUS...I thought it's time for a fun thread, I have just filed paperwork to form a SuperPac to raise funds to draft our own Cruise Queen to form an exploratory committee to run for the office of POTUS under the Salsa Party announced earlier Dave The Wave would be her VP running mate (subject to a background search to make sure he has no recent skeletons in his life exchange for their support, each CruiseMate can designate the appointment that he/she desires in CQ's administration...the Salsa Party will hold their national nominating convention on the Carnival Destiny full charter "Kiss Kruise" in October..Kiss has promised that they will debut a new version of their hit "I want to Rock and Roll and Night, and Cruise Everyday" as CQ's campaign song and Gene Simmons will campaign in person for our CQ..part of CQ's platform is that every American is entitled to one discount cruise per year..because Kuki holds dual citzenship, CQ has already designated Kuki as her ambassador to Canada..Katlady has been designated special ambassador to the next World Cup Games (where she will host a private reception for her favorite world cup players)
what posting would each CruiseMate like
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