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Thumbs up [B] A perfume is not the same as a cologne[/B]

Originally Posted by Trip View Post
I just saw this in a magazine, great for cruisers,and one less thing to pack.

For the ladies who bring cologne, CVS sells this little spray cylnder that fits over the perfume bottle, once you remove the sprayer..with a few pumps you have transferred your scent! Voila, and ,ready to go..small, unbreakable,and lightweight!! Elimates the possibility of your bottles of colgne breaking,and your things smelling like a you know what
1) Perfume contains the highest concentration of essential oils to alcohol (up to 30% by volume). Cologne contains (about 5% to 8%).

2) Perfume contains more essential oils and is more concentrated, it costs far more than cologne.

3) Perfume lasts longer than cologne. Because perfume is so highly concentrated, a few drops on your skin will last as long as 6-hours. Cologne should to be applied about every 3 hours.

4) I recommend traveling with a high quality perfume, you deserve it
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