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I agree with the above post. We've cruise primarily on Carnival the last few years, for two principle reasons. Price for Carnival cruises are MUCH better, unless you cruise the older, smaller RCI ships. (Actually I like the older, smaller RCI ships better than the big mega ships, but there aren't too many of 'em around this area anymore.) The second reason, for me is the availability of karaoke aboard Carnival ships, as opposed to RCI ships. Carnival has karaoke at least once a day, and on sea days they occasionally offer karaoke in the afternoon as well. Most of the RCI ships I've sailed lately, only offer karaoke about three times on a seven day cruise. Other than that, I don't like paying for all the bells and whistles that I don't use. ie: rock wall, flow rider, zip line, etc, etc,etc.
When RCI prices come down, and they start offering more karaoke, then I'll start cruising more RCI ships. Until then, I'll see y'all aboard the next Carnival sailing.

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