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Only reason Ive stayed with carnival, is my sister is in the travel business part time and get credits, plus on her side of family, Carnival is more affordible. Now that ive reached Platinum, its hard to cruise other lines with same benefits unless I book a Suite. I did have the choice to sail on the Independance when she was in service about 6 months, I was very impressed with the decor, Expecially the pools and the adult area, which was the best of any ship Ive been on. Fresh water heated pools, which are big enougth to actually swim in and about as deep or deeper then I am tall. Im 6-3. I had a Inside cabin up forward on the 9th deck up near the gym and adult area. Great location. I did like the flowrider, but they had to many rules and lines were to long. I didnt use it. I could of "booked" it for a hefty price for a limited amout of time. Another thing I liked about RCCL..The check in was very quick and organized. On a ship with 4k people, I figued I would never get on, i was wrong..Got on quicker then when I used Platinum with carnival on a smaller ship. The ice cream machines were in a bad spot..Only over by the "kiddie" pool area, which means adults never got any ice cream unless you waited in a long line of kids. After awile, they had a crew member supervising the machines. Still had the 24 hour pizza, but it was all way down on the Royal Promanade, long ways away from lido. Loved the gym areas.
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