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Talking Seats by the pool

Originally Posted by blueliner View Post

Here is my "saving deck chairs" rant. I really hate it when people do this, they show up early in the morning and throw a towel on a chair, and then disappear for hours at a time. The Terrace pool only had about 20 - 25 chairs around the pool to begin with, and with the stop at Princess Cays canceled, space at the pools was at a premium. For me, when people do this and they have been gone for more than an hour, I just move their towels and take the chair. I also gave away some chairs next to us when other people came by and asked if the chair was taken, if no one had been in the chair for a couple of hours, I just told them it was free and moved the offending towel and gave them the chair. It just isn't right to do this I think.

One incident that really ticked me off was a couple that saved 2 deck chairs by the pool, AND saved a set of table and chairs up one level by the bar. They would sit in one, and if anyone dared to use the other, they would run over and say "No No, we have those chairs saved!" They would run between the 2 and never let anyone else use them. As I said, there were only 20 - 25 deck chairs and maybe 10 sets of table and chairs. This one couple's actions I felt were very rude in not letting others use those chairs and tables when they weren't using them. I know a couple of people complained to them that they weren't using the deck chairs, they were up at the tables by the bar, but there was no security or deck attendants to do anything. My last couple of cruises on RCI, they did have deck attendants and the rules of no kids at the adult pools and the no saving of deck chairs was enforced.
Well, IMAO, you made two very slight mistakes. First, I don't wait an hour for somebody to come back to their chair, fifteen minutes is plenty of time. Second when I move the towel, books, coverups or whatever I make sure to find a convenient puddle on the deck to accidentally drop it in.

As far as the couple saving seats, I would probably have spent an entertaining half hour repeatedly moving into their chairs and keeping them running!!

There is no excuse for this kind of outrageous disrespect and people who behave this way deserve to be treated like the jerks they are. It takes a jerk to deal with a jerk.

Otherwise, thanks for an excellent trip report.

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