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Mike..understand your concerns and I had alot of the same ones prior to our journey...if you have an open mindset about trying one, I think you would enjoy it...with the newer vessels from Avalon etc., you have all of the ammenities (on a much smaller scale), including suites...the pace is very laid back, you really have an opportunity to interact with your fellow cruisers (I loved the fact that virtually all of our German cruisemates spoke English as a second langauge and they loved the fact I was from New Orleans) the ports of call were all on the Rhone river and the towns were small and you could walk from the dock..the views were spectacular and you have the opportunity to spend alot of quality time with your cabin mate..the entertainment was local and different every night...a very different cruising experience of the highlights of our trip is we visited a French winery that was taken over by the German troops during WW2...the owner was a young girl when it happen and it was very interesting to watch her explain it to her German guests, most of whom were the age group of folks river cruising is older, but more and more younger folks are trying night in my honor, the pianist played alot of songs by New Orleans artists and she asked me to sing a few Fats Domino's and Dr John..they provided free drinks so it was a great night
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