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EDITOR'S NOTE: We have now written an article about this scam - you can find it here:

I really appreciate you keeping us up to date on this. Most people who go through this come to this board to ask us if it is real, and then we don't hear from them again (so, we assume they probably got burned).

But most of those people did not go to time-share sales meeting, they just got a notice of a free cruise in the mail.

Did your company say anything about black-out dates? I will be VERY interested in hearing what they say when it is time for you to process the cruise.

At this point I am thinking you have a good chance of getting a cruise - I am just waiting to hear how much it costs you in the end. So far you are getting a discount, but it hasn't been free by any means.

Thanks again - please post the next step when it happens.
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