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Originally Posted by MercedMike View Post
Well, IMAO, you made two very slight mistakes. First, I don't wait an hour for somebody to come back to their chair, fifteen minutes is plenty of time. Second when I move the towel, books, coverups or whatever I make sure to find a convenient puddle on the deck to accidentally drop it in.

As far as the couple saving seats, I would probably have spent an entertaining half hour repeatedly moving into their chairs and keeping them running!!

There is no excuse for this kind of outrageous disrespect and people who behave this way deserve to be treated like the jerks they are. It takes a jerk to deal with a jerk.

Otherwise, thanks for an excellent trip report.
First thing is this post is 1 1/2 year old...
Second is that I don't appreciate the seat hogs either but removing their stuff after 15 minutes is a little harsh. People do have a right to leave their seats for some period of time and 15 minutes doesn't sound like a bad violation (to most people). I'll bet most people will go into the pool or go for a bathroom break & take longer than that.
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