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Originally Posted by Kuki View Post
Marc.... with most of your posts referencing the luxury lines in some way (which is understandable considering your well known line of choice; Regent), I'm very curious, why you're never written and submitted a "reader review" of any of your cruises which be of much more assistance to the readers on the site?
Kuki, since my first couple of cruises, I have never writtten a review. I am not a very good writer and, since I am not a fan of travelogue type reviews (regurgitation of each day's activities), I think my reviews would be kind of boring and similar to cruisline hype or cruise rater (e.g., Berlitz or Stern) recitation. I also never seem to have time when I get home.

On my last cruise, I told myself that I would write a review. I figured I had twenty hours of flying in which to get it done. Of course, I never did find the time on the flights.

I will try to write up my last cruise. At least somethings on the ports, the ship, and activities of being on segment of world cruise.

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