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Originally Posted by Dhill View Post
LAST March my wife and I went on a 14 day cruise to Hawaii on the Sapphire Princess. Before we left my wife called Verizon to find out about what charges there would be while we were away.Last night she told me she had been on the phone with Verizon and Princess CRuises> It seems Verizon is claiming that Princess sent Verizon a bill on are behalf for $80.00.Why would Princess send Verizon a bill? Wouldnt Princess have gotten there $80 from us before we left the ship?Verizon says the $80 is for data whatever that is ? We are faxing the bill to Princess so they can take a peak at it. Has anyone else have something like this happen to you?
Sorry, but the charges for the ship's cell service are billed to your cell phone provider and not your on board account so the $80 charge is legit. You must have not turned "data mode" off on your phone. Or you used your phone while you were between islands.

Your situation is not unique. Many people leave their phones on, while between islands, and the ship's cell service becomes the carrier. When traveling you should always turn "Roaming Off" and "Data Off" to avoid charges.

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