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This is where I found it....

Its Butch beginning September thru the end of 2011 on that schedule.

From his blog last week he says:
But first……for those who care……….here is my schedule.
JULY 3 CRUISE - This will be my one and only break from your Carnival Magic. Heidi and Kye will be sailing with me a few times before then but I need seven days at home to do bugger all rest a bit. During this time James Charlton will take over and more on him in a moment
And now the major change. July 10 will be my only break during my time here on the Carnival Magic and then………and now it’s time to disappoint some of you. As you know I have two jobs, cruise director and brand ambassador and my schedule is set by the beards. And the beards have decided that I am not going to be the CD for the trans-Atlantic voyage of my Carnival Magic and so this is what is happening.
OCTOBER 7 - I will say goodbye for now to my Carnival Magic and head home to the UK for 10 days. Then on or around the October 17 I will put on my brand ambassador hat and fly to Miami. Then on October 20 I join Carnival Liberty for one week, her first out of dry dock. …..all I will say is that if you are looking for a ship to book a Caribbean cruise in 2012….Carnival Liberty should be a major consideration.
So as I won’t be here James Charlton will be your CD. James is a fantastic guy, full of energy, funny and determined to be the best cruise director in the fleet and I think he can be just that. I will make sure he has all the support he needs and the team of Christian, Katie, Lionnie, Calvin, John, Mel, Mellissa, Ryan and Kevin will all give you some wonderfully fun days at sea.
So after Carnival Liberty what’s next for me? Well, I get off the Carnival Liberty on October 29 and then have a week before my next brand ambassador role. So, what to do? Well I am thinking of joining the Carnival Ecstasy for a few days. That’s because on or around the November 8 I need to be in Galveston....Then after the big event I will hop back onboard my Carnival Magic and take off my brand ambassador hat and put my CD hat back on again and resume my role as cruise director until December 4 when I return home for a proper vacation. During my absence the ship will once again be covered by James who will remain until January 29. On that day a fat bloke from the UK will return and I will remain as CD until the end of March pausing only for the Bloggers Cruise 5.
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