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Default Formal night in alternative venues

Originally Posted by Trackypup View Post
You also have the option of dining in the alternative restaurants...Sabatini's, Sterlings, Bayou, Crown Grill on formal nights as they are Smart Casual every night.
UMMM, not unless things have changed very recently. In theory, formal night extends through the entire ship for the whole evening, not just in specific dining venues.

One night we had reservations for alternative dining, and we got confused and forgot it was formal night. When we got there, the maitre de reminded us, and offered to hold our reservations while we changed. We hustled back to the cabin, I hopped into my tux and DW into her formal gown, and got back up there in 20 minutes! The maitre d' smiled, and said, "Wow, I thought you would just go put on a tie!"


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