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Originally Posted by MercedMike View Post
Great attitude Nancy. You are absolutely right. You should do things your way. After all it is your vacation.

Have a good time at Sandals. Too bad cruising is not right for you.
I dont understand when you say cruising is not right for this lady! What are you the Cruise police?Just because she has a diifrent view then you or maybe a diffrent life style?If you dont want to wear a tux does that mean you should stay at home and not go on a cruise?We just returned from a Princess cruise and on formall night I tried to wear a tie but I felt like I was being choked so off it came.I still wore some dress pants with a dress shirt and a jacket.Does it really ruin your meal if the guy 8 tables away is not wearing a tie? People need to stop worring about everyone else and just worry about themselfs. As far as the trucks on the freeways why are you signaling the trucks out there are more cars on the freeway breaking laws then trucks. I find it hard to believe that you have never been tailgated by a car!Unless you are the guy going the speed limit in the fast lane just to make people mad
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