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Originally Posted by Mike M View Post
Sorry, but the charges for the ship's cell service are billed to your cell phone provider and not your on board account so the $80 charge is legit. You must have not turned "data mode" off on your phone. Or you used your phone while you were between islands.

Your situation is not unique. Many people leave their phones on, while between islands, and the ship's cell service becomes the carrier. When traveling you should always turn "Roaming Off" and "Data Off" to avoid charges.

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I am sorry I dont understand.I dont know if she turned it off or not. I try not to get involed in the phone matters.So I guess what your saying is that if the phone was on while we were on the ship that we would of been charged for being connected to Princess cell service even tho the phone was not being used? What if we were sitting on the beach and the ship was anchored just off the beach where we could see her would it be The ships cell service or a land based cell service?And in my opion they should have something posted in the rooms on the ships about all this or maybe they do and we just missed it.
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