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Originally Posted by Gail4cruising View Post
I have used these future cruise certificates and they are worth 200.00 each after you pay 100 for them..if you go on a 7 day cruise. If you just do a 5 day they are worth 150. You get 100 off the cruise price...the hundred you paid...then you get the other money as on board credit. I love using them and bought another one for my next future cruise next spring.
See. Here's the thing. If you go on a 7n cruise, you get the $100 OBC, and the price of the cruise is $100 less. But you paid $100 up front. So its only worth $100.

I suppose technically it has a value of $200, since it reduces the money spent on the cruise by $100 and gives $100 OBC ... but unless you're giving it as a gift, its still only an extra $100 to you.

Still a good deal for a regular cruiser, but anyone that can sit back and look at the math will figure out what its actual value is.

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