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Originally Posted by Snoozeman View Post
You can use them on group bookings. Do it all the time.
Iv been booking thru cruise vouchers bought on ebay. The group cruises booked thru them I cannot use them on since you pay in full for the vouchers.

They are usually good on group cruises .. not all. I just booked another conquest cruise for about $600 or less total .. so even though I cant get the free OBC, its still worth it. Hopefully, Im allowed to say this?? I know on CC I cant say Carnival cruises are being discounted and how.

I posted my experience with cruise vouchers on another cruise message board and a TA went nuts and contacted every single cruiseline to lodge his complaint. Might be why the prices had to be further hidden under another layer, as the TA for cruisevouchers said he had to do it for legal reasons shortly thereafter. I know you are a TA and dont want to step on toes. I can assure you that Im 100% sure your customer service to your pax is way better than what they provide. .. so dont worry.

If I say they cannot be used on my group cruises .. Im sure!! lmao. but thats ok.
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