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Talking Rug demonstrations

Originally Posted by cruzzz1000 View Post
I have been to the Rug Demo in Ehpysis and for my first time to see how they are made and how beautiful they really are I was glad I saw it.

Did I buy a rug? NO

But I was glad to see the ornate nature and creativity they offered in the rugs.

I think everyone should see this once. Then, duck out as soon as you can on future demo's like this.

Just my opinion.
Frankly we love the rug demonstrations. They almost always include some very interesting things. We have seen the weaving, the pattern design, even the silk being unwound from the cocoons. We have seen antique rugs, ornate tapestries, special headdresses made from rug fabrics, camel hair rugs, silk rugs and many different kinds of designs.

It is a lot of fun to watch the salesmen at work as they drag carpet after carpet out of the pile and spread them out. If you don't plan to buy, try to sit with somebody who does and watch the show!

In Ephesus, we had decided to buy a rug and done our homework so we knew what we wanted and what price we would pay. We came home with a beauty that we love in our living room. Our cruisemate bought a beautiful silk carpet of the tree of life,but she won't put it on the floor! It hangs in her living room.

Whether you are buying or not, the carpet industry is a very old one with long traditions, and well worth visiting.

Of course, if you really DON'T want to go to a carpet factory, then book with a private guide. Kagan Kosagan or Ekol will design tours as YOU want to do them and you can tell them "No carpets!" When we told our guide from Ekol that, he offered to take us to a ceramic factory instead and that was also fascinating!

Somehow people get all hung up on the fact that the guide gets a commission and somehow think they are being played or cheated. Commissions, in one form or another, are a part of sales worldwide and nothing that the customer should get all uptight about!

For some nice pics of carpet factories (and a ceramic factory!) check out
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Notice that all of these were part of tours we really enjoyed and a short time spent in the factory was a worthwhile use of our limited time, but not the main point.

Have a GREAT cruise!

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