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Originally Posted by johnthed0g View Post
Interesting thread, I haven't bothered much since being told off for saying it was arrogant of someone to tell me what wine I should or shouldn't like, I notice more personal comments than that on this thread....
On topic though, if there is a dress code the cruise line should uphold it or do away with it, & if there is a code the passengers should respect it. Personally I couldn't care less if there is a code or not, but if there is I respect the wishes of the cruise line.
Why? The way it is today is fine. Their formal clothing suggestion is in place for only one reason & that's to make money by selling photo's & wine. They make the suggestion & if people wish to follow it, let them. They'll enjoy themselves in the process & those that don't follow it will still have a good time even if not fully complying and take nothing away form those that believe in doing so.

What is annoying is when they offer food in the dining room that isn't available elsewhere on the ship but as long as they let me eat in the DR dressed casually on a formal night I won't complain.
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