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Good Morning CruiseMates!
It is such a relief to hear from you Todd! I have been keeping an eye out for your posts. Deanna is such a rock, I am so happy that she was with you during this difficult week. I am also relieved to hear that Oliver the trickster is safe and sound. My Sami does the same thing anytime we are gone and hire a cat sitter. I have found that I am wasting my money hiring someone to come in, because it traumatizes the cat when someone that isn't us comes in and it traumatizes the cat sitter thinking that the cat went AWOL and it traumatizes me to think someone is searching the areas of the house I probably didn't have time to clean before we left in a hurry lol. Now Sebastion, he is happy either way. He is thrilled if we bring someone in to adore him and scratch behind his ears. or if we leave him alone to annoy and terrorize Sami. I think I am better off to just have a neighbor come in once a week to empty the litter box and to top off their feeders and refill the water fountain.

I spent the better part of yesterday cleaning out the garage. Unfortunately since we don't have a basement, it seems the garage catches the overflow and since my mobility was limited quite a bit last winter it seems like a lot more stuff got thrown out there than usual. Well I just couldn't take it anymore and pulled the old screamin' cha cha (the '87 Ford F250) up next to the garage door and I started chucking stuff into the bed of the truck. It is now full and the neighbor is going to take it to the dump for me today. I will continue the chucking upon his return with the truck lol. I feel like I am really making headway.

Well today is a new day. Lots of stuff I could be doing right now instead of sitting here at the computer. I had better get the lead out.

Have a wonderful day everyone and lots of thanks and gratitude to all of you who served in our military, who paid the price so we can enjoy our freedom!

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