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Default You are too nice

Hello EMG
Perhaps its my prior work background but when I read your letter which opened fine, it was more of a story than a complaint.
It took me awhile to separate your joys and your concerns.

May I suggest in futire just start off saying that you are a prior member and have done xn trips with them then you point form indicate your onboard problems , how you dealt with it and any staff resolutions or lack of.
Followed by any expected compensation for inabillty to sleep or such.

I know this is hindsight but you were being a nice guy hoping things would improve with one call.
- Your cabin noise should have been followed up by a call every time to pursers office and you could have noted time and call. If no resolution then you pay a visit in the daytime and make your concern known.
- The pool bit is always a tough one, take it to the front desk or live with it and take your wife to the Spa

Their letter to you smacks of a 1st person assigned not a manager's response and telling you its a large hotel so expect it, not a good reply.
The only solid thing they said was to report it to the Hotel Manager.
A lot of other cruiselines exist so try them as an option and write them a letter saying they have just lost your business over a letter back to you that really did not acknowledge your hurt with even a simple gesture to the next cruise. IMHO
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