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Talking Views

Originally Posted by PeterC View Post
We loved the train although my young son who was 8 at the time did fall asleep at one point. IMO the views are much better than the drive on the road across the valley.
Well, now, I would put it the other way. It is true that there are two or three absolutely spectacular views from the train, especially at the trestle. BUT IMAO the vast majority of the time the view from the train is a rock wall on one side and spruce and willow trees on the other time. In fact, the guide makes an announcement and the train slows down when you come to a place where you can actually SEE something.

The drive gives you the opportunity to stop at those view spots and spend as long as you like. Of course this also allows the kids to get out and run around. We think it is superior to the train.

Now if you are a fan of old trains, then that is different!

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