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Default has been YEARS since I had one in that age group.

IF they still run on the same schedule....

on Sea will have to pick both children up for lunch and feed them yourselves. They used to close from noon-2.

on PORT days...that is not the case...they feed the children case parents are on an excursion. We never did this (left the kids on the ship and went on an excursion)....but lots of parents do.

As for dinner, our two boys always ate dinner with us in the Main Dining room. Camp Carnival USED to close from 5pm - 7pm .... (except on Formal night when they fed the kids)....but recently I have heard they will feed them every night (but I can't swear to it) double check this before you book.

Camp Carnival would open up again from 7pm- 10pm....all for free.

Babysitting charges did not start until 10PM....

IN the old days...on Sea Days...the hours were 9AM - noon, 2PM-5PM and 7Pm-10PM...all for free.

IN the old days..on Port Days, they were open from whenever the first excursion left and only closed 45 minutes from 5:00PM - 5: 45PM.

I will see if I can get some updated information since you not having the kids with you at dinner is a sticking point.

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