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Originally Posted by Henry43 View Post
A story appeared on the network TV and radio stations this morning about 2 passengers fighting on an airplane because one pushed his seat all the way back without giving consideration to the guy seated behind him .

In 2008 we were on our way home from a cruise and boarded a plane in BC . The guy sitting directly in front of me pushed his seat back as far as it could go and nearly crushed my knees .At the time I was recovering from torn cartillage in my right knee and I literally screamed .I politely asked the guy if he could move his seat up a bit and he pushed down even harder .Then he got up and went to the bathroom .His wife sat in his seat and put her full body weight (about 300 pounds) and pushed the seat back against my knees .
I got up ,spoke to a flight attendant and she said the only thing she could do was to ask if another passenger would change seats with me and of course nobody volunteered . I spent nearly all of the 6 hour flight standing .
Coincidentally the man and his wife went to the same area as we did (after getting luggage) to hail a cab and I was able to hear his destination .
I filed a complaint with the airline but all they could do was to offer an apology .

My thinking is that if they could be so rude on an airline flight they probably would be just as rude on a cruise(we were all on the same cruise) .I hope I never see these people again.
Henry - I am surprised at the lack of action by the aircrew.

Dec 09, I flew Dulles - AMS with an injured left wrist in great discomfort.

The purser identified the issue promptly, after take-off, gave me aircrew seats for a short period until she juggled the seating to give me 2 seats together with extra pillows etc. If all else failed - I would have had aircrew seats. I was also deplaned first, after business class, so I could avoid the crush - I had a quick connection to Glasgow.

The selfish acts of some people never fail to surprise me.

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