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Hi there, we've done this cruise a couple of times now - odd it's the only way we've looked around our own country.

Most of the docks are some way away from the centres, so here goes ...

Guernsey a tender will drop you within a few hundred yards of the town, and it is easily walkable. Make sure you walk out to the old fort for some good views of your ship, but beware that they fire a cannon at either midday or 1pm, which will scare the life out of you if your near it.

Cobh, you actually moor up in Cobh, but there isn't a great deal to do there, the ship will sell tours into Cork and Blarney Castle with it's famous Rock. You can also catch the half hourly train into Cork, the station is right next to the berth.

Dublin is a way off, but a shuttle bus will be provided, so no worries there.

Liverpool depends. We have moored up right in the middle of the Mersey - okay it was a much smaller ship. I fear that you will probably end up at the new Cruise Terminal (if it is completed now) which is some way out, so am not sure of the transfer options.

Belfast, again a shuttle bus will drop you right in the middle of the city. Top tip here is to check out tours of the City Hall, Princess were charging for their version, but if you walk in, they do (or did) free tours 3 times a day, you simply sign up for the time you want.

Glasgow, docks near the town of Greenock, which is quite pleasant & has some lovely countryside, but to get to Glasgow you need to either pay for a transfer or take the train. We took the train which was simple, but could not find anything in Glasgow to keep up busy for that long.

For Inverness, I'm pretty certain we stopped at Invergordon, again a lovely area to walk around, but if you want to get into Inverness itself, it's again either a tour or train.

For Edinburgh you will moor up in the Forth Estuary next to the Forth Bridge, then tender into Queensferry. From here it is again either a ship's tour, or a short walk to the train station for a transfer into Edinburgh.

Finally Paris - oh no you're not ;o) ok that's a bit harsh, but in reality, you will be docking in either Le Havre or Cherbourg both of which have their own charms but are no where near Paris. Trying to do your own thing to get to Paris will also be frustrating as the transfer will allow little time see anything before rushing back to your train.

So apart from that last port, I hope that the rest of the news is good for you, and that you have a great time.

If you want to see any of our pics, please let us know & we'll upload them into the Cruisemates albums.

Alan & Katrina

Alan & Katrina
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