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I have great compassion for kids on a flight. Their ears hurt, they are scared, and they get bored. My 10 month old wanted to walk. He held on to his daddy's hand, and they walked up and down. But, I was always concerned about those who sat around us. No kicking the seat. No waking anyone up, etc.

This is bringing back lots of memories. Joe would be born in a few weeks, so he was all but born. Josh to keep himself busy would shake my stomach, and wake Joe up, which ladies you know, would make me have to go to the bathroom.:o He finally got ready to sleep. He was only happy when laying on my stomach between my baby bump, and my boobs. The man across the way was watching when Josh put his hands on each side of my boobs, and fluffed his pillows. I thought the man would fall out of his seat laughing.
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