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They do not provide kettles in the room and do not allow them on board. I too am a tea drinker and your options are to ring room service or go to the buffet which is open 24 hours/day and get your own tea. You can then bring it back to your cabin which I sometimes do and weather permitting enjoy it on your balcony.

I don't swim either and next week depart for my 8th and 9th transatlantics. There will be a muster drill prior to sailing which is compulsory to attend. They will thoroughly explain what to do etc. and then you can practice putting on your life jacket. You will muster to the area where if a real emergency occurred you would know where you are to go. Cunard muster stations are inside away from the elements in case you might be there for awhile until the decision is made about your safety. Some lines do musters out on deck which can be cold, wet, hot, etc.

Sorry, I'm not familiar with the QV or the new QE since all my time has been spent on the QM2 but I can answer general questions about Cunard and sailing.

Welcome to the site and don't be afraid to ask questions. That is why we have websites like this.


PS - It can become contagious and you might develop Cunard-itis.
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