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Hi Pen, I am trying to find some of our old photo's - we didn't have 6108, but had a similar one with the unusual shaped balcony, it it was a gerat balcony as it affords lovely views along the ship as well as out to sea.
I'll post another message I find them & upload them to the Albums section of Cruisemates.

As for your question regarding money, you will be expected to register a credit card, I don't think that the let you pay cash any more (and if they do you have to pay in advance every day). I do know that they won't accept travellers checques any more as one poor guy was trying to use them 2 weeks ago & was refused. He had several thousand dollars worth

There are a large number of tips to make this voyage much more fun, starting with the Theatre Boxes, these are a different way of seeing the shows as you have your own private box with much more space & even a table, bar waiters will take any drinks order you may have. They are chargable on the Theatre Group production shows as you have champagne, photos etc. but even on those nights if you want to use a box, ask the 'concierge' who will be stood in the upper entrance if any are nbooked & you can take those free of charge (without the goodies of course).
If you are travelling in the next few weeks, well done as the dance troupe had just changed so we had both the outgoing & the incoming, and the incoming group were really full of energy & enjoying themselves.

Drinks - please be aware that as with most 'US' style ships there will be an automatic 15% charge added to your bar bill for 'tips'.

In your stateroom, you may find that you run out of storage space really quickly - take a look under the beds, there are large drawers at the end of them (ok in my opinion the handles are upside down - see what you think )

If you take a look at the following link Queen Victoria you will find a report we did a couple fo years back, if you follow the thread there are all sorts of tips & commenrts which may be of help. If there is anything in particular, then feel free to shout. If we don;t know, then the guys here are all so friendly that someone is almost certain to have the answer.

Just a couple of questions for you which will makeit easier for folks here to give you more appropriate answers & advice.
When are you taking your voyage? What are the ports of call? and where in the World are you - answers for American passengers can be different to EU / UK / Australian etc. e.g. power supplies in the staterooms.

Hope you have a great time, and hopefully speak to you again soon.

Alan & Katrina
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