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I am near a Nordstrom store, every Saturday they have "Saturday samples" and many times it is tiny trial vials of cologne. If it is a scent I like, I tuck it into my toilerty kit.

I've tried those travel cologne cannisters and sadly, my cologne dried up in it in a very short amount of time, a couple months I'd say. So my favorite cologne doesn't travel with me.

If none of the above works, there is always the onboard shop. Stop by there on the way to dinner/cocktails and have a free squirt. No purchase necessary, no packing cologne or perfume bottles.

Whatever you do, always remember that cologne/perfume should whisper, not shout. The only person who should be able to smell it is the one nuzzling your neck or has their arm around you. I gag when I get too close to people with too much cologne, especially men's cologne.
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