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I've had the worst luck with blow dryers on ships, it's hit or miss. I have the type of hair that, while it doesn't take a long time to dry, it needs styling while I'm drying. I don't use a curling or flat iron, just round brushes.

I have a little travel dryer that folds to the size of my palm. It works, it weighs almost nothing, it always travels with me. If I get lucky and the cabin or hotel dryer works, fine, if not I'm not up a creek without a paddle.

My hair is not the kind that looks fine air dried, since the blow dryer is crucial to my happiness, I always pack my own. I'm probably one of the few who likes the kind with the button you hold down. I dry my hair in sections and have to lay the dryer down while I section it out. Typically that means a hot dryer blowing in my face and I need a washcloth to keep the dryer from migrating off the desk.
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