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Originally Posted by pen View Post
Hi Captain we sail on the 18th Aug 2011 from southampton to Venice and we live in Cheshire, England.

I doubt we will be using the ships tours service as we are more inclined to find our own way round. I did read that you have to hand over your passport when boarding the ship and do not get it back until the end of the cruise. is this right? is so what happends if you are late getting back to the ship or worse still miss it and have to fly to the next port to catch up with it, how would anyone do that without their passports? can you refuse to let them detain your passport for the duration of the holiday.

What happends if you are seated at dinner with people you don't it better to put on a brave face and act like we are enjoying their company or can we ask to be moved? I think that's the thing i am most going to enjoy, meeting new people and having a good old natter at dinner but i would worry if I spotted someone from our table sitting somewhere else. how bad would that be
thanks again
pen x
Good afternoon Pen, I rather liked the formality of calling me Captain, I hadn't actually realised I had reached that level in here until I looked at who 'Captain' was & saw it was my ranking

Right, you're from the UK well that makes life a lot easier - we are just north of Southampton.

Okay the main reason I asked for nationality, is that you need to be aware that there is only ONE Uk style 3 pin socket in the room, and even that is positioned in such a way that you cannot always get adaptors to plug into it so you may want to pack a 4-way extension lead.

No, there is no need to hand over your passports, unless you are travelling on a restricted passport, or need entry visa's, which I suspect is not your case. At check-in they will take them scan the details & hand them back.

For dining, we always ask for a table of 6 or 8, as there is less risk of having an objectionable person, and if you do you can simply chat to the other table members. If that fails, have a chat with the Maitre D', or dining room manager & ask to change table, they are usually more than happy to help - it may take a day or two, but don't worry.
If it was to become unbearable & you can't face the main dining room (MDR) then the Lido offer an excellent self service option - just remember to pop down to reception & ask to have your tips removed (as they are automatically added each day) and explain why. You can then ask for envelopes & hand out tips at the end of the cruise where you feel they were approrpiate.
As for the old table members seeing you, if they ask why you moved, just explain you met some nice people who asked if you could join their table - a little white lie that will hurt no-one.

Even if you are not planning on booking any of the ship tours, I would encourage you to go along to the port talks in the theatre - or catch them in the stateroom TV as you're getting changed, as they are full of useful ideas & tips which may give you ideas of things to do. We usually do our own thing too, but there are a couple of places where you really need to take some sort of tour to make the port worth while.

If there are any ports you are not too sure about & want someone's experiences, then again just shout. If we've not been there you can guarantee many other Cruisemates (CM) members will have been & will be full of good advice.

Have a lovely afternoon, good luck with the planning & shopping for what wil be a fantastic time on board.

Alan & Katrina
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