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Ha ha ha what a wally, i am so sorry Kandajones i did think your name was captain, and that of the Admiral, Familier face etc it's only on closer inspection after your comments that i have realised my mistake sorry guy's

PORTS: the ones we are visiting is Cadiz, Corfu, Messina, Dubrovnik and Venice.

Credit cards. I'm glad i can pay by cash i'm quite happy to hand over my credit card and put all my dollars onto my room account. I have a friend who works in a bank and can get a much better exchange rate for me although how much to take is going to be guess work as i am not sure about extras on a ship other then the ones i expect such as tips, drinks, paying to go into a box at the theater. I don't drink alcohol but OH likes the odd pint and night cap. oh and internet chargers as i must be able to keep in contact with my family. just out of interest my land line has free international calls but i don't know if that includes cruise ships so i must check with my provider if it does it may be better for them to contact me. otherwise i'm sure i can use skybe when were at the ports of call from my iphone

When I get on board If I did want to upgrade to a queens suite. Thats, if some are available what would be the chance of getting a better rate for one. Has anyone done this? I looked at upgrading now with our TA but it would cost an extra 4,000 for the both of us and there's no way i would pay that. for one thing we could'nt afford it and I don't love myself enough to waste such an amount on our enjoyment . However this is a really really special holiday for us and a one off for which i would love to surprise my loving husband.

Oh and one more thought which i cannot find any info on! if one of us has to visit the doctor would there be a charge? not that were planning a visit to him but just in case.

Kandajones, I looked at your photos and they are really good thank you for posting them they have made me more and more excited about our trip OH has bought himself a new Tux and i am dreaming about all the lovely dresses i am going to wear so thank you

Thank you to everyone else who has taken the time to reply, i really appreciate the information and tips you have provided me with. It has saved me a great deal of time searching the net for the information I need. it's nice to get it for people how have been on a cruise and know what they are talking about.

Pen x


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