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Oh you are such lovely people thank you. I will now add a small first aid kit to my luggage along with everything else for OH to carry. He's going to love me $60 for an ear infection i'm glad I have been warned thanks Lannp and kandajones. Linda i have just clicked the link to your photos and others since i was on the gallery page. Those cities do look lovely,you write as if you have a wonderful time there as i'm sure we will, I know you went on a tour but can i ask if it was difficult to get from the ports to the town centres? was there a shuttle supplied by the ships at all? We have travelled to many places around the world, long haul, including Boston but for some reason we never bother going to Europe, maybe it's because it's on our doorstep so to speak which is why we are particulary looking forward to it this time.

As to tips. I know you have all mentioned them and i have read a few of the threads on this site relating to them but i think i will follow the kind advice from Kandajones and opt out when i board. I'm more then happy to tip as i believe in the saying " treat others" etc etc. but the more i read about the subject of auto tipping the more angry i get which i can only put down to my ignorance. I don't feel that a boss should have control over a persons tips. Would it be fair to say that if every person on a cruise decided to opt out of auto tipping and gave personal tips instead then the cruise company would have to pay a fairer wage and the staff would be better off all round? Ok don't reply to that one there is such a big debate on here already I will just keep reading and maybe i will understand it better.
this site is getting to be a bit addictive i am going to have to stay away from it for a while before OH starts shouting at me :o and you all get fed up answering my questions and reading my long posts however it has been really nice chatting to you all.

hope to speak to you all again soon
pen x

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