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Originally Posted by You View Post
What would be your absolute perfect vacation day?
>> Upon awakening naturally, get up wash, shave, and dress (shorts, polo shirt, and moccasins). Wander up to ship's buffet for breakfast.

Go to cullinary demonstration, or trivia contest, or "Captain's Club" event, or whatever else is happening.

c. 11:30 - Drift out onto promenade on shady side of ship. Test lounge chair.

c. 12:30 - Drift into main dining room for lunch.

13:45 - Meet (competent) partner in card room for bridge game.

16:00 - "High five" partner for success in bridge game. Go to afternoon tea.

17:00 - Go to cabin and don swimsuit. Go for swim in ship's pool, followed by soak in hot tub.

18:30 - Go to cabin to shower and dress for dinner.

19:30 - Go to lounge with live music for pre-dinner dancing (ballroom) with significant other.

20:30 - Go to dining room for dinner (second seating).

22:30 - Go to theater for show.

23:45 - Go back to lounge with live music for post-show dancing with significant other.

01:00 - Band stops. Take stroll on deck, get beverage, and retire to cabin with significant other.

(Yes, this dream day presupposes a cruise that's spending a lot of time at the best destination of all -- "AT SEA.")

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