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Default Things for an 18 year old to do?

Hello, I turned 18 in April and I'm heading off to college this summer. I'll be going on a Disney cruise to Europe next month and I'm very excited! I've always wanted to visit Europe, and this is kind of like a graduation present for me. Initially I wanted to do a bus tour or something but unfortunately, that would be much too hectic for my brother (he's 8 ) so a cruise would accommodate him more.

I know there is a Vibe club for teens 13-17, but I've heard that they don't always let in 18 year olds, and when they do, they take away your "adult privileges". Then from other sources, I've heard it's kind of a waste of time, lame, etc. so I'm a bit unsure if I'd enjoy it. But if not the Vibe club, what else can an 18 year old do on a Disney cruise? I've been on a cruise to Hawaii and Mexico before and each time I was kind of awkwardly doing things with my parents. I haven't really had a good experience with those cruise clubs, on Carnival, the teens there were racist so I left (I'm Asian).

So long story short, should I attempt to get into Vibe or just do my own thing in the Adult areas? I do want to meet new people though.

Thank you!
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