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these types of debates sadden me as I too have booked a disabled cabin, and if one was to look at me i suppose at times i would get all the nasty comments from people as well, some people are so quick to assume because someone can walk now and again then they are fine! I will not go into my illness here as it's my bussiness and no one elses however i would say for me to be able to walk those few steps i have to take a ton of morphine on holiday with me, in fact my whole flight bag is full of class A drugs which i need.

I did not have to produce a letter stating my disability however i did have to produce one staing my illness, that i was fit to travel and what my class A drugs consisted off along with my insurence details showing pre exsisting illness was covered. I wish i only had to worry about being in a wheelchair however as things stand when i am really tired due to the amount of medication i am taking that is when i will need to use my chair which i will be hiring from the cruise ship. If i can do without it great as i do not want people to know i am sick and disabled but if i need it .it's there

So please as many poster have stated already do not asume someone is not disabled just because they are not jumping in and out of a wheel chair

Pen x
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