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Default Emily, Edwin

Originally Posted by ednotmilkman View Post
Hi again Ruthless, I'm sure you could find all the info you'd want with a simple query on your favorite, or default, search engine. The radio show is on, live I believe, every Saturday afternoon on NPR radio.

And Portlander, let me know later if you'd consider including me in case I could arrange to go. Might be fun as a mixed 3some; and I'd bring less stuff than your average girlfriend ;-) Ruthless and I get along OK on this site even though we've never met.

Edwin- oh the bells I will have to sell to go on this, but would adore it!
The PHC actually had a show at our Civic Center, where I've primo seats, and go figure, I was on a Cruise!! This could be redemption for me,
From what Judy has told me, she thinks you and I would get along well, perhaps we could convince Emily of that, and that she would be comfortable with us?
Worth a shot?
It actually might be a cute moniker, as the 3 Musketeers?
Emily, Edwin, Brad

Comment, as I'm gettin itchy about a cruise already this summer, at least pre October (Sept. prices are looking better.. but still not good)
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