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Originally Posted by Aeonix01 View Post
Thanks for the reply Donna! I thought about arriving at 11:00 to board early. I've read they will board us, and we are Diamond members (my fiancée getting my benefits) so hopefully we'll get priority boarding.

I figure she'll want to wander around anyhow, not head to the cabin. We'll want to get our ice show tickets, and such, grab a bite. She's never been on a cruise before, and this is a completely new experience for her! I'm actually not sure who I'm more excited for, her, or me... lol.
You should be able to start boarding about 11. Yes, you will both get priority boarding.

Don't worry about knowing or not knowing a porter - they don't have any special pull to get you on early. You still have to go through security like everyone else and the porter's can't go with you.
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