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Originally Posted by Dave Beers View Post
How can a cruise line be held culpable for a virus that exists in nature and is transported aboard their ships by someone infected with the virus? Should the cruise lines require a fecal sample from each passenger 72 hours prior to embarkation so they can determine if norovirus is present?
Exactly. If they somehow find you are the host that brought it on the ship, should you be required to reimburse all those affected? Makes about as much sense as holding a cruise line that is taking reasonable precautions responsible. How many of us have had a little tickle in our throat and not reported it on the form prior to boarding to avoid the hassle??? When my kid came home from school sick when a major virus was making the rounds, did I expect the school district to pay for home care or reimburse me for the sick time I was forced to take from work. I think not.

Getting sick is just part of the human condition. Be responsible for yourself, do what you can to prevent catching the bug, but if you get it, suffer through it the best you can and understand that it is your fault because you chose to breathe in a public place....
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