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If after the second night of complaing about the Boom Box ( is this a Radio type thing)? to no effect. I think i would have said enough is enough, grabed my pillow blanket etc and informed whoever is in charge that i would be sleeping on one of the settees in a seating area until they can move me to another cabin, if no cabins are available i would have asked for a full refund and to be let off at the next port. This is a bit OTT i know and I would not expect them to agree to these requests but i should imagine they would have soon sorted the problem out.

Just one thing, could they remove a person from the ship fpr sleeping on a bar/sitting area settee?

i have no young children but i doubt i would have complained about a couple of kids in a adults only pool, nor would i have complained about the shower as with all tiny showers with a shower curtain the floor of the room will always get wet and it was easy to clean up afterwards but that's just me everyone has their own coping levels, what would greatly annoy one person may not bother another. however lack of sleep caused by disrespectful guests would have me climbing the walls

Pen x
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