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Originally Posted by ruthlessboss View Post
The virus can be anywhere in the world, in your grocery store, school, your best friend. The only reason for complaining to the cruiseline is because you've narrowed it to a source. Otherwise, you would not know where you picked it up.
Well, I don't have noro, but do have a cold, guess I'd better be in touch with Southwest Airlines! Flew from perfect weather from N.H. on 6/7 on a cold air flight. On the night of 6/8, felt onset of a cold, today the cold is in full bloom. Did the airline sanitize before I boarded? How was the air quality? Face it, germs are everywhere, on doors, waiting area seats, storage compartments, on board seats, people breathing around you.
We have to be realistic when dealing with multiples of people who travel, want to be on an ontime schedule, no time for deep cleaning anything.
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