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Originally Posted by ruthlessboss View Post
Are your thoughts real or trying to get a reaction from us?
Yes, transported from a passenger and likely that passenger had it at home or picked it up flying or from a rental car etc. The world is touch, touch, touch, and living with hands in an alcohol wash 24/7 isn't going to happen.(And alcohol doesn't kill a virus).
What is your suggestion on better screening? A ship docks, emptied by 10 A.M., the new group of hundreds wants to board by 11:30. Maybe a new scanner can be invented to detect germs, and we can be scanned (like at the airport).
My thoughts are real - I don't believe it was a virus that caused the sickness problems on the vessel; norovirus IMHO was a convenient scapegoat.

I knew 100 people on that cruise of whom 30% were sick - fact.

In checking the database, I note the vessel has not filed any data for 3 years - fact.


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